Protect and take care of your hardware
Protect your investment, let our experienced team handle your needs. We are one step beyond the competitors. 
We have more than 50 years in the market. 

Custom Curtain Fabrication

We specialize in custom fabrication for diverse industry applications. 

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Custom Sewing

Innovative and creative sewing
solutions that make a difference.

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Design and Consultation

Wring your creative vision to life
providing creative solutions.

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Rigging and Installation

Vast experience and unparalleled
problem solving skills.

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Rigging Inspections

Maintain, repair or replace your stage rigging equipment.

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Drapery Repair, Cleaning & Re-flame Proofing

Prolong draperies lifespan

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 Custom Curtains Fabrication 

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. custom manufactures a wide variety of stage curtains and backdrops.

We specialize in custom curtain fabrication for diverse applications. Sew biz is our daily bread and butter and we know you will love our custom-made curtains and draperies!

Whether it is a high-quality opulent velour curtain for an academy award theater venue to a custom-made backdrop for a rock band, a school cafetorium stage drapery set, or a cruise ship eye-catching decorative Austrian curtain, we can do it all!

Additionally, we serve the TV, film, and recording industry with custom-made green screen backdrops for camera keying, custom made sound absorbing and sound deadening studio curtains as well as custom fabricated studio masking and space dividing curtains. We also make custom drapery, backdrops, and specialty banners for dance and ballet rooms, dance festivals, and ice skate rinks.

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. also manufactures multiple curtain styles for churches, chapels, temples, and other houses of worship. Whether it is a small curtain for the church’s baptistery or a large sound absorbing room dividing curtain for a fellowship hall, a custom traveler curtain with a cross appliqué for the altar area or a backstage decorative backdrop for a live night of worship, we can help you bring your project to life! 

Our custom sewn curtains are often seen at exclusive events such as live concerts, award ceremonies, fashion shows, graduations, tradeshow booths, conventions, and dining halls among other spaces. 

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 Custom Sewing

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. provides innovative and creative sewing solutions. Since 1965 our passion for custom fabrication has allowed us to assist designers, producers, architects, engineers, and ultimately end customers from around the globe.  Our highly motivated and skilled sewing department team, plus our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, allow us to serve a variety of markets and makes us a leading source for soft goods custom fabricated products. From practical sewing solutions to the most intricate custom made product –often times requiring reverse engineering- we are here to help. From robust materials to delicate sequin fabrics we can help make your vision come to life!

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 Design & Consultation

Customers can get confused and even frustrated with the amount of available information regarding curtain style options, available fabrics, specialty hardware, and theatrical supplies.  We help customers bring their creative vision to life by giving insight and providing creative solutions related to their specific project and scope of work and by assisting in choosing the most suitable fabric option, combined with an eye catching curtain design and bundled up with a sturdy and durable curtain track and/or rigging setup, at an affordable price. 

Whether you are an interior designer, theater consultant, architect, engineer, contractor or space owner, we are here to assist you with the design, fabrication and installation of our custom made curtains, backdrops, rigging sets and specialty fabricated products. 

We want you to take pride in the achieved results and thethe quality and craftsmanship of your custom designed and installed product.

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 Rigging & Installation

Team of trained riggers with vast experience

Our trained riggers with vast experience and unparalleled problem solving skills will give your space that well deserved final touch. Whether is it hanging a stationary backdrop curtain, installing a track system for your traveler curtain or custom rigging a motorized lift curtain system, we have what it takes to bring your project to life.

We deliver and install curtain track and hardware products, counterweight rigging sets, motorized traveler curtain rigging and lift curtain rigging sets, tensioned, hand operated and motorized projections screens, specialty curtains and banners, roll-up curtain devices, moveable curtains systems, portable curtain systems, adjustable acoustical curtain solutions, room dividing and gym dividing curtains, TV studios pipe grids and studio perimeter track sets with track switchers, auditorium window curtains, classroom blackout tracks and curtains, decorative curtains and many more custom made theatrical solutions for live event productions, educational facilities, churches and houses of worship, dance, rehearsal and TV studios, industrial plants and manufacturing facilities

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 Rigging Inspections

Theater rigging safety is a serious business and we can help you maintain, repair or replace your damaged stage rigging equipment.

Do you regularly inspect and maintain your stage rigging equipment? Can you tell whether your stage equipment is in safe working conditions? Are the equipment operators trained in the proper operation and handling of the rigging equipment?

Poorly maintained rigging equipment can pose a serious risk. Protect your investment by performing a periodical stage rigging inspection. Make theater safety a priority. This will help ensure your performer's and theater equipment operator safety and will reduce your liability risk.

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. will send an experienced rigging technician to perform a thorough theater rigging equipment inspection and evaluation. Our technician will start with a visual inspection of the accessible parts of the rigging system components, which will help identify unsafe and hazardous conditions. The age, condition and proper equipment installation will be assessed. Functioning equipment will be operated and all pertinent information will be documented.

Once the onsite inspection is completed, a written report including photographs of damaged, unsafe or malfunctioning rigging will be prepared. The report will include recommended actions to improve rigging performance and/or suggested repairs or upgrades.

The duration of the rigging inspection and associated fees vary and with the extent of your theatrical equipment.

Annual inspections and maintenance are recommended to help prevent accidents and protect the integrity of your performers, faculty, students and audience.

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 Drapery repair, cleaning 
& re-flame proofing

Properly maintaining your theater draperies will prolong their lifespan.

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. offers off-site drapery cleaning and flameproofing services. The curtains will be removed from your facilities and brought to our shop for repair, cleaning and re-flame proofing as needed. Chemically made flame retardant fabrics will require the Flameproofing chemicals be reapplied after washing the fabric with a soap and water solution. 

The Flameproofing treatment is done by spraying the curtains with a Flameproofing chemical. The appropriate flameproofing product required for your curtains is determined by testing a sample of your material and or determining fabric yarn composition. Note that the FR chemicals may not adhere to some synthetic fabric blends, rendering the material not FR treatable. For that reason, we recommend fabric samples are sent to us for testing.

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Flame Retardant Certificates

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. issues flame retardant certificates with all flame retardant fabric and custom curtain purchases.

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