Cathedral High School Studio 

Fabric: 54" Crescent Velour 20 OZ. IFR ​RIGGING: ADC 142 Rig-I-Flex curtain track
 Key features: 360 room coverage with 90° curves.


S&K installed studio curtains and track system at Cathedral High School.  We installed a dual-track system with a track switch for versatile curtain placement. The three curtains were made from crescent velour.  We used a chroma key green, black, and grey color range on the curtain.   

All flame retardant curtains installed meet and pass NFPA701, as stipulated by local fire codes. The studio equipment includes 4 large backdrops that run on a double set of ADC 142 Rig-I-Flex curtain track. The system is equipped with 90-degree curve sets for a continuous run and features a heavy-duty ball bearing 4201 single carriers for easy and quiet curtain operation.

Track channel was spliced together for a continuous run covering 4 walls and includes 2 ea. PTS2 switching devices to allow curtains user to move curtains from front track set to backtrack set. This setup facilitates curtain relocation as different curtain backgrounds are needed for filming and camera keying.