Belvedere Middle School

Velour 25oz Flame Retardant curtains SILENT STEEL® 280 Series track

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. provided and installed new curtain tracks and masking curtains as part of the auditorium renovation project. We custom manufactured a Main Valance, Tormentors, Side Legs (Wings), Masking Borders, a Middle Traveler, a Rear Traveler and a Cyclorama for this school. Prior to hanging the curtains, we installed No. 280 Silent Steel curtain tracks for the bi-part traveler curtains and for the one way draw cyclorama. The legs were installed on walk-along No. 284 tracks, while the tormentors were tied-up to a set of No. 28 pivot devices that travel on a No. 2800 track. It was a fun project, and both the stage and auditorium look great!