UCLA Pauley Pavilion curtains

Fabric:  Durable Fire Retardant Velour Encore 15 oz. RIGGING: Heavy duty ADC BESTEEL® 173 curtain track |  Key features: 45 curtains, made with 1200 yards 
of material.


S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. worked closely with UCLA personnel in the design, fabrication and installation of the new vomitory curtains during the renovation of the UCLA Pauley Pavilion. 

Stadium curtains were manufactured from Durable Fire Retardant Velour Encore 15 oz. The fabric was custom dyed to match the stadium paint color. Curtains were custom made with a shirr pleated top, double sided finish for same look on both sides of the curtain (self-lined) and feature a weighted bottom hem with enclosed chain pocket. 

All drapery was installed on heavy duty ADC BESTEEL® 173 curtain track, custom painted to match stadium color paint and curtains. All hardware and track support was coordinated and approved by owner and architect in charge. Project totaled 45 curtains, made with 1200 yards of material, custom sewn in a record 3 day time frame!!

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